February-The month of beautiful earrings!

The Month of Beautiful Earrings

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but there are some things that the eyes cannot resist. The year 2020 is on the move and with January out of it already, we look to do something special with women’s earrings. Earrings signify the essence of a woman, and there is a need to say that with the right type of earrings, you tend to breed class wherever you go.

For those who know good brands, and can perceive the style out of every style,

crystals is the highlight of the materials ArTas Jewelers by Tavia Spencer uses. They have a style and culture that has moved on from generation to generation and has kept the essence of the brand. So, Swarovski crystals is a must in the majority of the designs ArTas creates.

Why are we making earrings a priority this February? Because looking at the Valentine's season, we need something that would stand out with the women we admire so much.

Men watch out; you are about to witness something spectacular, something that would make any woman love you more.

Women watch out; you want to stand out? You want to look good, then look no further as this would blow your mind.

As we all know, ArTas Jewelers by Tavia Spencer is a brand that recognizes the importance of creativity and has used this creativity to custom design or purchase ready-made products with a specific design and inventory for each month. For this month, we are going to be looking at the Aqua AB color. We will be designing 3 pairs of the same design for each size. Our earring sizes ranges from size 1 to 7. Check it out below. Keep in mind supplies are limited to only 3 available in your size. Hurry up and order while supplies last!

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